Blue Diamond Membership Package




The Blue Diamond Membership gives you admittance to three days of the RoSFest music festival with exclusive access and amenities and the best seats in the theater! A Gratitude Plaque is included and presented during an exclusive dinner with the RoSFest board and a special guest. Limited preproduction sound checks and exclusive meet and greet with the bands, plus VIP Lanyards a special RoSFest t-shirt, plus your name will be added to a designated thank you page here on the website.

Charity dinner with the board and our special guest will be held Thursday evening April 14th, 2022 members will be notified by email about the time and location, if one cannot attend the dinner all items including the Gratitude Plaque and VIP material will be available at the festival.

Once you have purchased your Blue Diamond we will be calling you to thank you for becoming a Blue Diamond member and to assign seating with you.
Thank you for your support.

Limited Blue Diamond select premium seats are available at $1,000 each for the three-day pass. $650 of every Blue Diamond ticket ($1,000) price is gifted as a donation.

Music. Culture. Community.

The organizers have announced the following acts to perform at the

Jerry Harrison and Adrian Belew Remain in Light Lobate Scarp, Ten Jinn, Robert Berry’s 3.2, Jon Anderson with the Paul Green Rock Academy, Head With Wings, The Tea Club, Pattern-Seeking Animals, and Dave KerZner All-Star Prog Band.

Note* The gift donation component of the ticket sale is tax-deductible in the USA

How to order membership seat tickets.

Step 1. Pay by credit card or by check.
Step 2. The credit card prompt will be available through PayPal on the website.
Step 3. Once we have received payment we will send you a confirmation email.
Step 4. A representative will contact you a.s.a.p. to go over the available seating selection. All seats will be assigned by order number.

Checks should be made out to RoSFest, Inc. and mailed to the following address.
RoSFest Inc.
1245 Tarpon Ave
Sarasota, FL 34237