Jon Anderson with the Paul Green Rock Academy

Jon Anderson requires little introduction, a founding member of Yes, his entire discography includes numerous solo albums and collaborations with a whole array of artists making him one of the most prolific musicians of our time. His 15th studio album released in 2019 and aptly titled ‘1000 Hands’ due to the numerous guest appearances that went into its creation, embodies a musical journey like no other. 
The Rock Academy on the other hand is a “rock school dedicated to serious musicians” founded by American record producer, film producer, director, screenwriter, singer-songwriter, music teacher, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Paul Green. Students aged 10-18 are selected based on their dedication to music, showmanship, love of performing, and ability to rock with actual pros.
Jon Anderson’s collaboration with the Academy dates back to 2005 and together they recently concluded an 11-city tour in the U.S.