Robert Berry’s 3.2

Guitarist, vocalist and record producer, Robert Berry, has made a lot of outstanding music, both Prog and otherwise, over the years. Most notably he teamed up with Carl Palmer and Keith Emerson in 1987 to form the band 3 which released its album, To The Power Of Three, the following year. Years later, in 2015, having participated in numerous projects following the disbandment of 3, Berry again joined forces with Keith Emerson, this time with the intention of making a follow-up to the 1988 album. Unfortunately, the project was momentarily shelved following the tragic death of Emerson in March 2016. Eventually Berry went on to complete the album on his own; entitled The Rules Have Changed it was finally released in 2018 under the moniker 3.2. This was followed up in 2021 by the release of Third Impression, which ends with the superb track Never, the last song Berry wrote with Keith Emerson. The 3.2 live line-up features Robert Berry on bass and lead vocals, Paul Keller on guitars, Andrew Colyer on keyboards and Jimmy Keegan on drums. Facebook: Website: Twitter