King’s X will be headlining on Sunday April 17th, showing that RoSFest’s new Board of Directors has every intention of bringing its first edition of the festival to a magnificent close.

Video by Shelby Logan Warne

The US rock trio, whose latest album is currently being finalized at the Bernie Grundman Mastering facility in California, is eager to get back on the road after their 2019 touring plans had to be canceled and the covid-19 pandemic plunged the entire live music scene into a forced hiatus throughout 2020 and the best part of 2021. With their thirteenth studio album promising to be a powerful blend of sounds ranging from “’Penny Lane’ to the heaviest MESHUGGAH’”, according to frontman, Doug Pinnick, RoSFest organizers felt they couldn’t let their patrons miss out on what promises to be a spectacular show.

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