Robert will be seen and heard at RoSFest in 2022 as our resident Beer Garden Music Director, so make sure you stop by and say hello. Robert currently resides in NC, and known as a keyboard player for groups like the States, Mayson, Blue Angel, Ruth Copeland, Ronnie Spector, Rhett Tyler, his Studio work includes Johnny Nash, Star Cruiser, Rian Adkinson, and more… Award-Winning Documentary Soundtrack “The Fiery Narrows – Following The Path Of John Charles Fremont”…

Current projects and releases
Robert Schindler – Robeone – Piano Stories 2021
Robeone – My World – 2020
Robeone – Circles – 2020
Robeone – Robeone 2018
Joe Mac’s American Garage Bullet Train 2021

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